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With so many images trying to grab the attention of viewers, great retouching plays a major role in the success of your communication materials. Stage 3’s retouching artists are experienced at making an image its absolute best. We work with you to determine what’s needed from simple color and fit corrections to extensive visual effects. With our integrated creative resources, we can combine custom photography and CGI solutions to augment and speed the retouching process.

We recently retouched cracked debris and pipes, adjusted color, took new photos of ceiling trusses and used our CGI group to create rolling, bunched carpeting and drop an anchor in a crowded auditorium for a Navy campaign. When the client wanted to adjust the anchor shape and texture, we streamlined the process by sending it to our CGI experts to work their magic in record time.

So when you need more than you’re getting now or have that crazy project and are looking for a studio that can make you a star, Stage 3’s here to help.

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