Canadian born, Toronto educated Illustrator Mick Coulas hung up his airbrush in 1996 and began Photoshop and 3D modeling. He has executed many realistic composites with retouching for many editorial clients including The Wall Street Journal. Mick also composites and retouches images for advertising or promotion. Among his many talents, his humorous illustration and caricature has been seen in Maxim Magazine, Penthouse Magazine, and recognized by Communication Arts Magazine. Mick now lives and works in Florida.


Triggered in 2006 by graphic designer and CGI artist Michael Tompert, Raygun Studio has since grown to a collective of curious and like-minded artists, who have perfected the art of raytracing in these last ten years.

Raygun’s projects reflect Michael’s designer sensibilities—delivering a memorable and strong first read to stand out on a mobile phone, yet with depth and layers of complexity revealed when closing in on a 20-foot tradeshow display.

Creating one-of-a-kind iconic images and motion for some of the world’s most influential and interesting brands have repeatedly earned the studio a place in Luerzer’s ‘200 Best Digital Artists in the World’.

We welcome the opportunity to create something amazing with you and look forward to your call.


Ra Retouching is based in California, however, Ra’s clients are worldwide and span many different types of industries.

Ra (pronounced Rae) is not only a high-end photo retoucher; she also brings 15 years of modeling and acting experience to help unlock the hidden potential inside every photograph. Ra’s knowledge of modeling, make-up & hair, styling, and fashion, beauty, and commercial photography, enables her to select the strongest images, see what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, understand correct composition and cropping, what looks natural and how to enhance an image, giving it a naturally polished look.

“I take pride in my work, customer service, fast turnaround time and my sincere desire to make my clients happy and successful.”


Paradigm Color Studio provides high-end services for all facets of imaging including: retouching, CGI, pre-media, proofing and a variety of production services. Our projects range from commercial campaigns to fine art, color management and content creation, basic design solutions to intricate CGI pieces. Across the span of work we perform our commitment to best-in-class quality is unwavering. Paradigm Color Studio employs both artistry and technology so that we can be your valued collaborator, no matter where you are based. Our clients include companies such as Uniqlo, Reebok, Motorola, Lowe’s, Walgreen’s, Miller Coors, Brown Shoe Company, Jim Beam Global, and we work closely with many award-winning photographers. We always look forward to new projects, contact us to arrange a tour of our facility or discuss how we can be of service.

About our Founder

Prior to starting Paradigm Color Studio, Fred Muram worked for large printing and industry leading pre-media companies in Seattle and New York City. During his tenure at these companies his responsibilities included production work for Sony Music, Restoration Hardware, Forbes, YM Magazine, AVON, HBO, PlayStation, Nordstrom, ELLE Magazine, Brooks Brothers, Eddie Bauer, Donald J Pliner, Smith & Hawken, and REI. At Paradigm Color he has distilled his experience to provide the best technologies and workflow techniques used by large companies and made it possible to handle complex and high-volume projects with the care one expects from a boutique production house.


ONWHITE.CA is a Toronto based, globally recognized image production specialist in Photography and Creative Retouching. Whether you need to build an image from scratch or just beautify one, onwhite can help.

“I love photography as much as I do retouching which enables me to create almost anything that you can imagine. Having an understanding of every step of the process from pre-production, photography and retouching gives me total control over the whole work flow.”

Jorge Chaves

Jorge Chaves is a Toronto based highly skilled photographic retoucher and post production artist specializing in the advertising field. With over 17 years experience in taking a great concept and creatively pushing it into an award winning campaign.

He has worked with top ad agencies the globe over under the guide of Philip Rostron at Instil Productions and having recently gone freelance and is available to work on your next great idea!


Luerzers Archive 200 Best Digital Artists, Communication Arts, Applied Arts, The Art Directors Club of Canada

Gigantic Squid

Gigantic Squid swims with PictureWax!

Gigantic Squid is a creative production studio specializing in retouching, design, and CGI. Our foundation is built on true collaboration with our clients because we feel it yields the absolute best results.

Why Gigantic Squid? Where does that name come from? The gigantic squid is real and something that people know exists, but chooses to not be seen. In that same way, people know retouching and CGI are part of the process, but if we do our job well, no one will ever know we were there. We feel the mark of well-done production is when the viewer never gets caught up in the creation process. They just get involved in the story being told. In other words…

We are a creative production studio where you never see the squid.

More than just a retoucher, Fat Cat Digital joins PictureWax!

Jim Erickson is one of the nation’s preeminent commercial photographers. For over 30 years Jim has created timeless imagery for hundreds of blue chip clients, including AT&T, American Express, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Pinnacle Entertainment, General Motors, HBO, Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, United Airlines and Home Depot.

Jim has won over 100 awards from publications and organizations such as Communication Arts, Graphis, Photo District News, Print Magazine,, GDUSA, the Art Director’s Club of San Francisco and the Advertising Photographers of America. Jim is also the founder of FatCat Digital, a digital post-production facility located in Petaluma, CA, as well as Erickson Stock, a premiere stock photography and video boutique.

Blue Sky CGI

We’re proud to announce the newest to the directory, Blue Sky CGI!

Blue Sky CGI is an award-winning studio specializing in CGI, Multi-media and Creative Retouching. Our clients include many of the leading companies in the transportation and consumer product industries.

Blue Sky offers end-to-end solutions for print, interactive, events and commercials. Our talented CG artists, retouchers and producers share the common goal of providing the finest visual assets to meet the specific needs of your project. Together, we connect vision to reality.

Cake Imagery

Who doesn’t love Cake! We know we do and we think you will too.

Cake Imagery is based in Vancouver, Canada, like to composite things in Photoshop, especially if doing so means they get to work with brilliant creative agencies from around the world. Cake Imagery can shoot those images themselves and also often collaborate with talented photographers.  Make a ram play a slot machine? Finger paint with bacon grease? Build a landscape depicting three different times of day from 187 separate photos? Cake Imagery can do that.

Brad Pickard

PictureWax is excited to welcome Brad Pickard to the directory!

Brad Pickard is a Toronto based post-production and CGI artist. Brad opened his own studio in 2014 after working in-house for photographer Phillip Rostron for 12 years where he developed a collaborative expertise and a belief that blending CGI and photography often results in the most successful imagery.

He is often sought after by art buyers at the concept phase for highly complex projects and brings a meticulous attention to detail to all aspects of the image. Brad’s work spans automotive, environments, creatures, character development, typography, liquids, and animals. Brad was recently honored with the cover of the very first Lurzer’s Archive 200 Best Digital Artists worldwide.


Welcome to the directory 2Fake! We look forward to showcasing your wonderful talents.

2Fake is boutique studio specializing in CGI for print advertising, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. It was founded in 2002 by Nicolas Rieben, a Swiss artist.

Nicolas Rieben, with a background in fine arts, has created several international gallery shows, video installations and public sculptures, exploring virtual reality and it’s iconography. In similar vein, 2Fake uniquely produces Nicolas Reiben’s original and artistic perspective in it’s approach to commercial advertising.